EQUILIBRIUM at Full Metal Cruise 2018!

on 16. November 2017

EQUILIBRIUM in Cham, Germany!

on 22. August 2017

New V-neck girlie in our webstore!

on 17. August 2017

EQUILIBRIUM at the “Rache des Fenris” Festival!

on 11. August 2017

EQUILIBRIUM at Rock Harz next year!

on 11. July 2017

At Hellfest 2017…

on 26. June 2017

EQUILIBRIUM Special Sagas Show at Ragnarök Festival 2018!

on 16. June 2017

For the 5th time we will play at this awesome festival which is going to celebrate its 15th anniversary.
But also we are going to celebrate something in 2018:
It’s the 10th anniversary of our album SAGAS and so we will come up with a special show containing almost the whole SAGAS album. And maybe also some former Equi members might hit the stage!

New headliner show in France in confirmed!

on 13. June 2017

EQUILIBRIUM at Wolfszeit Festival!

on 27. April 2017

EQUILIBRIUM at Greenfield Festival!

on 26. January 2017