on 27. August 2016

By blending a furious modern metal sound with elements of traditional folk, Germany’s Equilibrium have created a distinctive sound that is enthralling and spiritually up-lifting. Since its foundation in 2001, they have proven to be one of the most innovative and durable groups in their genre, touring the world several times over and adding to their legacy with every performance. Now, as they enter their third decade together, Equilibrium is as inspired as ever, creating some of the most inspired music of their career.
Equilibrium’s longevity can be largely attributed to their willingness to grow and evolve, consistently exploring new sonic territories and revealing different sides of their artistry with each release. But the core of their appeal has remained consistent: harsh metal presented with vast cinematic soundscapes that speak to the entire human experience.
In spite of its often dark tonality, Equilibrium’s music is meant to evoke feelings of hope and confidence. They incorporate aspects of many different musical cultures, focusing on the things that unite us as people, rather than the things that define us.
Equilibrium have already made a major impact in Europe and beyond, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With a packed touring schedule including festivals at major festivals around the world in addition to a steady stream of new releases, they will continue to be a significant force in modern metal for years to come.